Female Hair Loss

Female Hair Loss: Thinning Hair

Over 30 million American women are able to see their scalp due to hair loss.

Although it may be difficult for men to go through the process of losing their hair, the toll is exponentially greater with women, due to the simple fact that a large percentage of men lose their hair at some point, yet it is far less common with women. However, there are luckily a handful of procedures that have a very high propensity of getting women back the hair that they deserve.

One of the most common procedures is that of FUE Procedure, or follicular unit extraction procedure, which is essentially a hair transplant process that involves clusters of two to four individual hairs. This is different from other procedures that also use a portion of skin in the transplant, and it has been shown that follicular unit extraction is very successful. Another procedure that has become highly popularized in the medical world is low level laser therapy, which comes at things from a completely different angle. Rather than transplanting actual hairs, the process involves focusing low level lasers on the scalp, which works to affect the hairs on the head at the cellular level, which in turn sparks the hairs to grow again. This has been shown to be highly effective, but if you happen to be experiencing hair loss, it is very important to sit down with a doctor and discuss the various options that are available to you. Regardless of whether you choose the FUE Procedure, low level laser therapy, or another treatment, there is no doubt that there are a plethora of viable options for women that are experiencing hair loss.